I am the type of girl who loves having my hair done, but at the same time not too done. I actually really enjoy styling my (and my friends) hair and don't mind spending the time doing research on products and styles that will best suit me. Over the years I have tried TONS of products for styling. Creams, mousses, sprays, ,oils, you name it! I have a list that I would call my top favorites, but my everyday go-to's are these three products. They give me the best tousled and undone curls that I know will always look good.


My first fave is this Oribe gold lust hair oil. I have been using it daily for almost four years & I can't speak highly enough about it. Since I get highlights and bleach my hair, it's super important to use a great treatment oil to keep my hair hydrated.

This oil has a thermal treatment to help protect your hair from the heat of a blow dryer, straightener or curling iron.  The gold lust oil also adds a good amount of shine without making your hair look too oily. It also a huge plus that it smells super yummy.


When Oribe came out with this texture spray, I have to admit I was a bit hesitant to buy it. Every time someone has tried texture spray in my hair it either made my hair feel dirty, too big or sort of dry & sticky. My hairstylist told me Oribe's was different than most and the perfect spray to make my curls look a bit undone. Once I tried it I was hooked.

I use this product after curling my hair and spritz it under the first section of my hair, then I spray a bit towards the ends. If you have thin hair, you can use a bit more and use it all over!


When my roommate introduced me to Bumble and Bumble's brilliantine, I was shocked by how much I liked it. I stayed away from too many styling creams in the past, because they made my hair feel sticky. This product isn't at all & actually is oil based, so it keeps your hair sleek rather than looking dry and frayed. This is what helps piece and separate my curls, so they don't look too uniform and perfect. I really like having that messy and undone look, this product is what helps give me that.


If you are looking to create this tousled look, these are such amazing products that I stand by. Now all you need is a 1 inch curling iron and you're ready to go to town!