via thea all good pizza sf
all good pizza sf

I hit up All Good Pizza while roaming around new parts of San Francisco this weekend. It is one of the cutest little outdoor pizza spots in Portola. This little trailer pizza shop is parked on a really awesome lot with plants and picnic benches everywhere. I just love how cute, chill and quiet it is I can't wait to go back on a warmer day with a big group of friends.

If you need a place in the city that is cheap & can host a ton of people, this is it. I think I've discovered the perfect summer day drinking spot. To be honest it was nice and refreshing to go about 10 minutes away from the center of town and find this little spot. There were only a few people there and you could tell this place hasn't truly been discovered by the crowds yet. I love that.

via thea all good pizza sf
sf all good pizza via thea sf
all good pizza via thea sf
all good pizza sf via thea
via-thea-all-good-pizza sf