After 10 days in paradise, I learned a few things
1. Take your vacation. You earned it. PTO is there for you as a benefit. It is one of the most underrated benefits, and many people max out their PTO and let those hours go to waste. You literally get paid to GET OUT OF TOWN, so why don't you do it? Too expensive or on a budget? Plan for it, pick up a side job (what I do), or go somewhere local (camping anyone)!
2. Unplug a bit- This one is tough. I am not going to lie to you and say I've mastered this, I haven't. To me, I just try to use the internet less than usual. AKA don't be glued to your phone.
3. Spend time doing things you love- While on vacation, don't apologize for spending time on YOU. You see- I love working out. I enjoy it, and it makes me happy, so even on vacation I like to get in some sweat sessions. Other things I love doing are reading, blogging, and drinking great wine. Plan a trip for you!! You may have a friend who likes to do similar things. Maybe you love museums- find someone who does too!
4. People with much less seem to have SO MUCH JOY- I can't begin to tell you how true this has been on each trip to a 3rd world country i've taken. People who don't even have fully paved roads, work 15 hour days, make next to nothing... greet you with the biggest smile on their faces. Yes, their jobs may not be as technical as yours, but they work damn hard for what little hey have and have found joy. Taking a trip may open your eyes to appreciate your life a bit more like it has for me.
5. Taking a vacation doesn't have to break your budget. Like I mentioned briefly earlier, if you can't go international then pick a place you can road trip to, or a city you've wanted to fly to affordibly. Monitor the prices here and find the best places to go for the best prices.
6. Find a travel buddy who likes similar things you do. I don't personally love having a scheduled itinerary on vacations, so I try to pick travel partners that are more looking to relax. Also, someone who is OK being independent or you going off being independent if the activities you plan on doing don't match up (go off for the day and meet back up for dinner).
7. SLEEP is amazing and OK to over-do. I used to think sleeping in was for lazy people, well let me tell you... I slept until 11 OR 12 everyday on my trip and it was NEEDED. On top of sleeping in each day, I took multiple naps. I finally after a few days felt back to normal and re-energized. I noticed that I really needed it, and wasn't giving myself enough of it.
8. Sometimes you have to Splurge! Yes, I said it. Stop talking yourself out of spending a couple hundred bucks on a trip. Try not going out to dinner for a few weeks- you'll be shocked how much you can save! You can make it happen, but obviously work within your budget
9. Being relaxed with friends makes for amazing memories. Jen and I laughed our butts off, chatted about everything under the sun, shook our booties on the dance floor, and had a blast just being 2 girls on vacation together exploring.
10. Food in America is Amazing- I am not going to lie, I am extra grateful for avocados, green juice, acai bowls, big salads, gluten free options, almond milk, and good coffee shops! Tomorrow is going to be amazing 
“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous