This quote holds very true to me. Surrounding yourself with positivity can truly change your outlook or mood and there are studies to prove it. I have to be real and super honest with you; we can't control that all the time nowadays. Think about it. We spend many hours each week in the car, tons of hours at work(sometimes stressful), and have a ton of time throughout our days where we aren't surrounded by positivity & are actually immersed in stressful, negative atmospheres of which we can't control. However, I have a tip to combat all the negativity... since it seems to me we ALWAYS have access to or are on social media!

Think about it. We check our Facebook, email, Twitter, Snapchat, instagram, and every other form of social media constantly throughout the day. The people we follow give us little reminders through their posts of our interests and take up space in our minds. Who are you filling that space with? We choose who we follow! I for one can admit there are some superficial people I follow because I am inspired by their fashion, but I also have unfollowed tons of people if I feel like what they stand for doesn't align with what I stand for. Excitingly enough, I have found some super amazingly inspiring people I follow and think you should too. It's always nice to see a post here and there of pure positivity.

Frank Sommerville: This man has such a kind heart and his Facebook page proves it. He inspires people to be kind, give back, and stay positive. Check him out and follow!

Prince Ea: This guy posts the most motivating and inspiring content through sharing awesome posts, but also creating spoken words. You have to follow his facebook page!

Healthy Is The New Skinny: Katie H. Willcox is a plus sized model who decided to create a company to support women of ALL shapes and sizes. No this isn't only for plus sized women, it is for all women. She digs in to healthy eating and exercise, looking at how effed up the media is on portraying women, and speaks to crowds on how to have a healthy mindset and life. Check them out here and here.

The Good Quote: The good quote is an instagram page I follow for little bits of inspiration throughout my day as I scroll. I love them, simple and awesome!

Ellen Degeneres: I mean who doesn't like Ellen. She is funny, kind, and will always brighten your day. I follow her on Facebook and she always posts funny videos and acts of kindness that I just can't help but watch.

Boss Babe: I love following hard working, driven, and supportive women. Boss Babe is a community of women working towards similar goals, to run their own business one day. It is an educational place, an inspiring place, and I love seeing their "create your own destiny" kind of posts.

Amber Dodzweit: I love her posts. I usually don't love following too many fitness people. The reason being is most don't eat enough, are obsessed with themselves, and don't have balanced lives. NOT Amber. She is as real as they come and I just love that. Her posts inspire, educate, and encourage. Check her out.