This past Saturday night I decided to host a Girls Night In. I decided to do this after reading a pretty inspiring article in Marie Claire about how goal setting the form of a vision board has worked a ton in helping people achieve their goals. My girlfriends and I wanted to see what this was all about, and decided to make a night of it.

We all prepped a healthy dish, brought a bottle of wine, scissors, and magazines. We spent our night flipping, cutting, drinking, blasting pop music, and talking to each other our wildest dreams. In the end, we all were shocked to see how different our boards looked. Not only how they each looked creatively, but the contents plastered on them. One of our friends didn't realize until she finished her board how focused hers was on marriage and having a family. Another friends board was filled with travel destinations and food. What will yours be filled with?

I encourage you to spend time to 1. think about your goals 2. put it on paper 3. try making a vision board.

Mine is finished, and I ended up hanging it right by my light switch in my room. I see it when I go to bed, wake up, and every time I leave the house.

What you need:
Glue sticks
Magazines (home decor, fitness, travel, cooking, mens magazines, sports/yoga, lifestyle, fashion)
Poster board