Here's a little bit of my birthday workout. I  just turned 26, so I thought it would be fun to do 26 exercises and complete 26 reps of each exercise. My goal was to keep moving, and take as little rest as possible.

The structure is an upper body exercise, followed by a lower body exercise, next a core exercise, and finally a "cardio" exercise. 


1. shoulder press
2. Squats
3. Sit ups 
4. Double unders (jump rope)
5. dumbbell row
6. Walking lunges 
7. Leg raises
8. Box jumps
9. dumbbell bicep curls
10. Side lunges
11. Plank with hip rotation 
12. Dumbbell tricep extension 
13. Back lunges 
14. Left side plank with hip dip
15. Ice skaters (speed skaters)
16. Shoulder pushup ( pike position)
17. Sumo squat
18. Right side plank with hip dip 
19. Toe taps on box 
20. Dumbbell reverse fly
21. Kettlebell swing
22. Toe touch crunches (lay on mat, feet in air, touch your toes) 
23. Mountain climbers 
24. Ball slams (med ball or sandbag)
25. Curtesy lunges
26. Burpees