I read this statistic and was shocked. Then I realized, no, it isn't a shocking statistic. It's an unfortunate statistic.

Why are girls dropping out? Studies show 
1. Lack of access
2. Transportation 
3. Social stigma 
4. Quality experience 
5. Cost 
6. Lack of positive role models 

It's such a bummer for me to read a statistic like this. Sports have help shaped my life. Playing sports has taught be to be confident, work in a team, stick to my commitments, push harder than I thought I could, it taught me communication, sticking to a schedule, how to be social, how to be a leader, along with many other life skills.

I encourage all you women to pick up sports, or some sort exercise. The benefits go far beyond looking good! More women need to experience the empowerment of fitness and sports.