I love Instagram for the fact that I get to choose what my eyes see every time I look at it. I choose the people I follow wisely. I choose to follow people or businesses that inspire me, make me smile, motivate me, make me try something new, or give me ideas.

I love this insta page for styling inspiration. Sometimes I get too routine with what I wear, and this helps fuel some inspiration. They have a very hippy/boho look to their style, which I love! 

The games are coming up this weekend! They post some seriously motivating images. The athletes inspire me to work hard, never give up, and to have fun. Tons of these images make me realize, you don't always need to be training with someone to know you are supported. 

Aimee has the cutest fashion sense. Although I wear lulu everyday, I love seeing her out of the normal fashion taste. She does boyish, chic, boho, girly, and everythjng else SO well! 

Ok seriously Amber is beautiful, so you can follow her just for that. The reason I follow her is because of her story and her message. She has no problem giving a big FU to the fitness modeling industry and the misrepresentation of it. I love this, because similar to here I've been there. Fitness modeling isn't all that, and she helps reassure that being athlete is more important than being a model.

I love when beautiful, colorful, and fresh flowers pop up on my screen. Lately, this page has inspired me to make my own flower arrangements. 

First off, I love fabletics clothing. Secondly, they have amazing info on their page. Workouts, clothing, recipes, quotes, and a little bit of everything else that's awesome. Make sure to check them out.