First things first, bashing someone's workout isn't cool. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean no one else should do it or it's "bad for them". I want you to know I am not "pro" or "anti" CrossFit, but I will tell you how I feel about some of the things I've heard people say the sport.

***Let me also remind you before you go on to think "well of course she's a CrossFitter writing about Crossfit". 
My background: No, I don't go to a CrossFit box. Yes, I think CrossFit is good to mix to your routine if you are an athlete, which I am. I grew up playing soccer, volleyball, & track. My mom is a P.E. teacher, dad is a 15 time world & 45 time national champion cyclist, my sister is a triathelete & Ironman finisher. I ran Division 1 Track & Field, got my B.S. in Kinesiology, work as a personal trainer, have competed in NPC fitness competitions, & got a CrossFit Level 1 Certification to learn more about CrossFit (not to become a CrossFitter) .

Myth Busting: Let me debunk some of the opinions I've heard and share some perspective. 

1. "CrossFit isn't a sport":
A sport is defined as "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment." These athletes train just as hard as individual would for the Olympics to make it to The CrossFit Games. Try one of these workouts and then you come tell me if it's a sport.

2. "CrossFitters have horrible form and could hurt themselves":
Go to any group fitness class in any gym, yoga studio, or outdoor activity and you will see people will poor form. I've done half marathons where people drop down to the ground due to lack of proper fitness, and running form. I've gone to yoga classes where many poses around me are held wrong. I've gone to group fitness classes at the gym where I notice form is lacking. That being said, WE ALL HAVE HAD BAD FORM until we learn good form. CrossFit is only getting a bad wrap because it's new and people want to bash it. It is up to individuals to work on their form as often as they can to become great. I do, however, believe this is a sport for athletes, and in my own personal opinion shouldn't be taken on by people new to fitness. Yes, it's intense. Yes, it's competitive. Only you can be the judge of if it's good or bad for you. If you aren't intense, or competitive you should just go to yoga or barre class.

3. "It's a cult":
Weird. Last time I checked a cult had to do with religion. CrossFit is a community. If you have never been on a team you wouldn't understand. If you've been on a team you totally get it. Waking up for morning workouts even though you would never be there if there weren't people expecting you to show. Not slacking, because everyone else around you is busting their butts. Finding friends with common interests. Having a group of people who are happy and healthy. The CrossFit community is full of supportive and loving people.

4. "The Programming sucks!"
Ok, I will admit I think some of the programming needs work depending on which Box you go to. That being said, it also depends on the coach who is programming. Some trainers at normal gyms tend to have really poor programming (yes, even with certifications). There are even some college or pro level trainers that are fired for the programs they write not resulting in great performance. Naturally, since CrossFit is new there will definitely be some trial and error. Know your body, know your limitations, and try to get good at everything. The best part about CrossFit is the variety in the workouts. Nothing is off limits.

The reason I decided to write this is because as an athlete it was engrained in my brain to be the best, and "pick" my sport. My soccer coaches wanted me to quit every sport outside of soccer, but I truly find value in variety. I wouldn't have the skills I learned from swim team, basketball, volleyball, or track. CrossFit is about being fit at all levels. Getting your body doing things that you never knew you could do. For this reason, I love the variety and challenge. I am here training for life.

Watch the CrossFit Games this week for some motivation here.