Do you have fitness goals? 

If you don't, you better figure them out. It's hard to achieve greatness when you don't have a goal. Today, we will talk about achieving personal fitness goals and why you have to get serious, get sweaty, and buckle down to make progress.

Working out isn't easy for everyone. It isn't supposed to be. Sometimes it hurts, burns, is exhausting, or makes you want to quit. I believe whenever you are put in uncomfortable situations and you see them through, you learn how to preserve and gain the tools to achieve greatness in life. With fitness there is no difference. When it comes to fitness there will be numerous hurdles (pun intended) & you need to be prepared for whatever is thrown your way.

Are you a person who does the same sort of workout everyday?

Don't be one of those people! You need to change. That isn't an effective workout, and is most likely a waste of time. Once your body adapts to your program you need to make changes to it. You need to change the weight, the reps, the rest time, or the exercises to make it more challenging.

If you aren't willing to sweat your ass off, then you truly don't want to reach your goals bad enough. When you push yourself harder than you have before your mind will tell you to quit, that's it's "too hard", and it "hurts". The crazy thing is that if you change your mental processing of those negative thoughts, your body can keep going. That's where you increase your fitness.

Now stop being a weak person who does what's comfortable. Grab a friend, a trainer, or sign up for a class that makes you uncomfortable.

When it comes to a great workout you have to just Shut Up & Sweat.