If you've read my blog consistently, you know I constantly talk about/promote balance. I wrote a post about my 4 things that I found are essential for my happiness. Those things are sleep, good nutrition, workouts, and "me" time. This week I realized I am human, and I do need to act on getting a balance of those 4 things.

I wake up at 5am everyday and head in to work. After work I workout, then work on my business INFINITY, make dinner, and go to bed. On the weekends I try to get in time I missed out on during the week so I pack them with friends, and fun. This doesn't leave my week much time for adequate sleep or "me" time. The last few months have been crazy busy; I can't point the finger at anyone but myself for all the work. I overextend myself. I am always available for friends, clients, and anyone who reaches out. I like being this way, but it definitely runs me down.

Yesterday I took a "personal day" from work, and I am SO glad I did. I sensed the need to get away from things that expend my energy (socializing, work, and always being "on it"), and take time to recharge. I slept in, walked with my roommate to get tea, hung out at Fort Mason, did outdoor sprints, got a salad and ate in the sun, went to the gym, made dinner, and cleaned up a bit. It was AMAZING!

The reason I am writing this post is because it's so easy to ignore your state of energy. We are told to push through; mentally & physically. Listen to your body, energy, and attitude! Take time to re-charge, because in my experience it can turn around your whole week.