The little things make me happy. They make me smile. They make me realize how awesome life is. 

Today I noticed the two super cute bracelets on my wrist. They are small and dainty, but mean so much to me. I giggled and smiled and sat for a second to think about the meaning these bracelets have to me.

The circle and triangle. Ever since I got my Marida bracelet I started telling everyone to get it. It's cute, small, and I never take it off. The triangle represents the balance of mind, body, and spirit. The circle represents wholeness and infinity. 

My infinity bracelet was given to me by an awesome client. It's perfect. Marina Pecoraro makes it, and it goes with my Marida bracelet just perfectly. The infinity symbol is SO me. It means without any limit and symbolized balance two sides out.

Now that I know the meaning behind these little things I know they are meant to be worn by me. I believe in everything happening for a reason, and having meaning behind it. These bracelets make me feel connected, spiritual, thankful, happy, balanced, and whole.

Do you have littler things that make you feel this way?