Ok, this sweet tooth is killing me! I've been super creative so I don't go off and eat a whole pound of chocolate. Anyone else ever get this way? 

I decided to make a high protein treat that is super healthy!!!

1 scoop chocolate protein powder
Coconut milk (how much depends on thickness)
1 tbsp almond butter ( or another nut butter)
1-2 packets stevia 
2 cupcake foils 

1. In a bowl combine protein powder with a little bit of milk. Then slowly add more milk to get the protein smooth(not chunks). Make sure to not make it "runny"
2. Pour 1/4 mixture in to cupcake foil, and 1/4 in other.
3. Place in freezer.
4. While those are freezing, in a small bowl mix almond butter and stevia.
5. Take foils out of freezer, and top with almond butter mixture.
6. Then add on top the remains of the chocolate mixture(1/4 of mixture on each).
7. Freeze for an hour, then enjoy!