The moment I first saw this quote, I had an "aha" moment. I knew I had to mill it over in my head and write about it. Reading this quote hit a chord for me. 


This quote is significant to me, because I tried to be perfect for so long. You may be thinking this is such a first world problem and It may be, but it surely is a problem we deal with frequently. 

The pressure I felt to eat the right things, say the right things, look a certain way, hang out with a certain crew, listen to certain music, enjoy the arts, be funny and personable and happy all at once was TOO MUCH. When I finally realized I was actually happy with being me (flaws and all) was the moment I realized that being real was going to make a better person. 

I started focusing on progress and not perfection. I started acknowledging my strengths instead of picking at my weaknesses. I began trying new things for fun, instead of forcing myself to like things to fit in. I found passions I never had by taking some time alone, when before I felt awkward when I was alone in quiet. My outlook has completely changed.

I wanted to post this quote so you can take some time to think about how it resonates with you. Are you obsessed with your looks? Do you work way too much so you can be rich? Do you try to please everyone?

You're real, become ok with being awesomely flawed!