Growing up is awesome, right? Grown ups have more responsibility, freedom, often make more money, and are able to call the shots-, but in some way athletes have backslid a bit. Quarterbacks, to the pitchers, goalies, cheerleaders, setters, and sprinters all get out of high school and college at some point. 

In 2012 studies showed that less that 1% of high school athletes would continue their career to eventually go professional. This leaves 99% of us athletes who aren't pro in the dust. What are we supposed to do? Many of us grew up revolving our lives around practice, tournaments, games, and juggling more than one sport at a time. 

Not surprisingly, when people stop being highly committed to a sports team their activity levels decline dramatically. When your caloric burn drops significantly, and you don't change your diet you can easily pack on unwanted weight.

This oftentimes throws people for a loop in their late teens, early twenties, all the way up to mid-thirties. Even if you are a rock star athlete—or were on JV and didn't play much—you can still find a way out.

It's time to dins a new passion to commit yourself to. What have you always wanted to take up? It's extremely important to continue exercising. In my opinion (being a former collegiate athlete) it is EXTREMELY important to take up high intensity activity. 

When you find and activity you can get a killer workout doing, and at the end you're smiling in your own pool of sweat-you know it's the right hobby for you to take up. Remember you're an athlete, you have intrinsic motivation after all the years of practice. Once you find something you want to get great at, you will be consistent in doing so. You just need to find your "THING".

I highly suggest trying numerous things. Things you never knew you would be interested in. You may end up a rock-star at a sport you never imagined trying.

Workouts to take up (google to find workouts in your area)

Getting a personal trainer
Group fitness classes
Weight lifting
Run clubs 
Swim clubs
Flag football leagues
Hockey leagues
Softball leagues
Rock Climbing
Indoor soccer leagues
Basketball leagues 
Dance classes

If you think of something else, go for it!