1. Workout Early In The Day: Things come up left and right. Parties, dinners, work functions, etc. Make sure you go out and burn your calories before you consume them!

2. Plan Ahead: If you are in for a weekend of boozing and eating, try to be good during the week! Eat tons of fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats. It's always nice to know you have eaten great, so you have a little wiggle room for a bigger meal or two.

3. Make Your Workouts Social: A lot of people lose motivation before the holidays. It's always nice to suggest a workout, a walk/hike, or a fitness class with your friends. Grab a coffee and go for a walk instead of sitting in a wine bar.

4. Cook. Since it's colder out, we tend to want warm/hearty (higher calorie) foods. If you cook at home, you can cut the calories by not adding high calorie ingredients:
Salads: Less dressing or low-cal dressing, no cheese, no candied nuts, no chips or crutons
Soups: No cream, not a lot of oil, low sodium
Meals: High protein, lots of veggies, no cream, no butter, no cheese

5. Plan For Parties: Bring your own healthy snacks! Don't go buy a pie, make one from scratch LIKE MY RAW PUMPKIN PIE.

6. Thanksgiving Day Tips: Check out my blog post on what to do Thanksgiving Day HERE!

7. Do A Lot of Great Total Body WORKOUTS: You burn more calories when you move your whole body, at a fast pace. Time to start, here's a great Thanksgiving workout!