Thea's Thanksgiving Tips:
1. Start your day with a morning workout. A run, hike, or walk with
your family could be fun!
2. Drink tons of water! This helps you recognize real hunger versus
3. Eat veggies and protein first then go on to bite at the heavier
foods. (ie. By filling up on tons of mashed potatoes/gravy/bread rolls/
stuffing you are more likely to consume more and get less nutrients
from these).
4. Grab a smaller plate and utensils. (this helps you not overSTACK
and slow down when you eat).
5. Bring healthier options that still taste amazing (sugar-free mousse
or pudding, homemade healthy cake, cookies, dark chocolate)
6. Eat throughout the day, and don't eat like you've never seen food
before ( most likely there will be leftovers tomorrow).
7. Enjoy your meal and a slice of desert(don't deprive yourself,
hopefully you've been eating clean and deserve a holiday treat).
8. If you're planning on drinking. Sip on water between beverages. Also stay away from high-calorie add-ins if you are making mixed drinks. TRY: Brut Champagne, Unsweetened Cranberry Juice, With a few cranberries in the glass.