I spent the weekend with my family at a beach house rental near Santa Cruz. We haven't done a "family weekend" like this in a while. We all caught up on much needed sleep, a lot of quality time together, some workouts, and good food. 
I realized how important it is to take time away from your normal routine to be able to find the awesomeness in a completely different routine.

Today I snapped this picture on my phone, and I just love it. It is very "me".
Some things I love making time for are 1. healthy lunch stops at whole foods, 2. reading a new amazing book, and 3. a delicious cup of coffee. This is my perfect recipe for "me time". I topped off the day doing another thing I love; writing this blog post.

What's your perfect weekend? 

I hope you all had an enjoyable, healthy, and fun one! 

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