This spot is a clean eaters heaven. Let me mention a vegetarian, vegan, or meat eaters heaven. This place needs to be all over the world. It's that good!

This place reminds me of Chipotle based on the quick service and the fact that every meal is customized. 

I was in Vancouver, and was bummed they didn't have one near me in SF. Little did I know they have not only one, but two really close by! 

My friend and I freaked out when we ate it; so we had it every day in Vancouver! Again, it was that good! 

I got the green wrap and customized it with all the delicious fresh veggies I wanted including cucumber, avocado, mixed greens, edamame, tomato, onion, and black beans! I also added quinoa, dates, and Tofu. The options are endless here! 

I highly suggest checking them out