What are you waiting for? Does January 1st mean you are going to wait to start your resolution and for now just slack off?

In 14 days, you can make big changes! You can seriously start getting super fit, before 2013!

14 Days of Fitness Goals

December 18: Drink 8 cups of water minimum. You can add fruit to your water to make it easier to drink!

December 19: Increase your normal workout to push your limits. This can be increasing your weight on a lift, increasing the distance you run, adding on 5 minutes to your cardio, doing more advanced moves in yoga, etc.

December 20: Eat more green veggies. Make today the day where salad, asparagus, broccoli, cucumber, edamame, avocado, zucchini, parsley, lime, cilantro, bell peppers, and everything else green us your friend! Greens are rich in fiber, vitamins, and also are very hydrating!

December 21: Cook a meal
Spend some time at the market picking out seasonal organic veggies to cook a scrumptious meal! Skies the limit with this one!

December 22: Catch up on sleep
This holiday season be sure to take care of yourself. We need recovery, and that happens when we sleep! If you normally sleep 5-7 hours shoot for 8 or 9! If you sleep 8 or 9, take a mid day nap to recharge!

December 23: Try something new with friends or family.
Do you have a urge to check out a new hiking trail? Want to try a new spin class? Ever tried hot yoga? Want to try a vegan restaurant? Go for it!!!!! Take today to explore:)

December 24: Be self-less
Enjoy your time writing cards and wrapping gifts for your loved ones. Remember why you are thankful for them, and how they have impacted your life. Giving feels great!

December 25: Walk more
Today, it's inevitable there will be junk food surrounding you! Try to go on a walk in the morning, after breakfast, after lunch, and dinner! It's easy to do and will help you remember to get your blood flowing and your body moving!
December 26: Start fresh
This morning take the time to jot down all the things you love about yourself. Before we go in to the new year lets reflect on all the positives of 2012.
December 27: Partner up for your workout
As a friend, co-worker, or family member to push you today. Both of you can "train" each other and help one another push your workout to the next level.

December 29: Cut out salt and sugar
Try to cut out all added salt and sugar in your diet for a bit and see how you feel. You may feel less bloated, more clean, and healthy!

December 30: Set new goals for 2013
When goal setting make a few pages. Make professional, personal, and social goals for yourself!
3 year:
5 year:
10 year:

December 31: Clean up and prepare for the new year
Start the year off right with a washed car, clean clothes, a HEALTHY stocked fridge, a clean room, and organized desk! There's no better way to start the year with a clear mind and clean space!

January 1: Enjoy the process of accomplishing your new goals 😃