Our day in San Gimignano, Italy was one I will never forget! The weather was just perfect (which is uncommon in November), crisp and quite sunny. We headed out to downtown to check it out, after some shopping and some walking we were told we must go get gelato from a super famous place at the centre. We both agreed it was the best we've had in Italy! After that we got back in the car and the driver drove us to the winery/farm we would be having "light lunch and tasting".
Let me tell you this lunch was far from light, and the tasting was far from a taste! 4 courses later and 2 bottles down we were flabbergasted by how they considered that "light lunch". I've noticed people here can EAT, 5-7 courses is completely normal. I am a people watcher and I have noticed everyone around me always has at least 3. The wine was absolutely delicious! The white was my favorite, the red was Sammie's! We had homemade pasta with wild boar (very common in this town, the server explained there are more wild boar than there are people). They also served rheir farms home salami/prischutto with organic cheese from their farm! It was awesome. We left the restaurant a bit tipsy, took some photos and headed back to the hotel.
We headed down to the spa right when we got back, and got massages. I was SO relaxed, it was great! After the massage I went to the sauna/steam/herbal baths. It was awesome!!! I then hit the bed for a siesta!
We went back to town for dinner, it was a dead town!! We saw one open restaurant and we were thankful to find a seat! I wasn't too hungry, but their Tuscan vegetable soup was absolutely out of this world delicious!!! We split a tiramisu, I had a cappuccino and we called it a night!
Today was my favorite:)