When I woke up this morning, it was nice (yet a little scary) that I didn't know where we would be in a few hours. We hadn't planned 2 days in our trip to allow ourselves some flexibility depending on our mood. We were going to go to Cinque Terre, but after looking up the weather decided to go to a gorgeous resort in San Gimignano.
We checked out of our hotel (Said our goodbyes to RayRay) and headed to the train station. We took the train to Siena and got picked up by a great driver (who we will see tomorrow again). We were greeted by Luigi and the staff at Villa San Paolo Resort. They told us all about their place (since it's the slow season they gave us extra attention) and helped set up our plans for tomorrows adventures.
After getting our plans set we went up to our room and got on our swimsuits (realizing and laughing that the wine, Italian food, and lack of strenuous exercise is getting to us). We hopped in the indoor/outdoor pool and swam around. We tried to speak to Italians and they had no clue what we were saying we laughed so much not being able to understand a word. We came up from the pool and got ready for dinner.
Dinner at the hotel restaurant was great! We ordered an organic local white wine, wild boar pasta, and bass wrapped with potato. We also got a fruit, nut, and cheese plate(that's not it). We ALSO got a mocha hazelnut dessert! With cappuccinos!!!!!! We aren't holding back here, not one bit! More to come tomorrow.