I am often asked when do I cheat on my diet? Do I pick cheat days, cheat weekends, cheat meals, or week long binges?

Well first off, I like to "treat" not cheat. When I am feeling like I need to loosen up a little and socialize I may decide to go out to dinner and drink wine. I try to not go ALL out and binge. I pick one of the treats I crave whether it be glass of wine, dessert, or maybe some sweet potato fries. Its not about eating all of it at once, but enjoying one thing you've been missing.

I sometimes cook a "clean" treat do I can make something with no sugar and know exactly what's in my treat. I am also human and LOVE me some fro-yo (who doesn't).

You can maintain a healthy diet and have weekly treats. Heck- you can even have daily treats. Some people like one small piece of dark chocolate. I am not like that I couldn't eat just one piece I would eat the whole darn bar. So I stay away until I feel like I want a treat. This isn't planned for me (like an every Friday night thing). I may have no treats for 2 months and I may have a few treats a week. It depends on my goals and what's going on in my life.

Ideas on Do's:
-Pick a treat meal when you feel like you want one
-Make a clean treat (from my blog duh)
- Go out to get your treat (so your treats aren't tempting you in your pantry everyday)
- treat yourself with things besides foods i.e. workout clothes, new shoes, haircut, etc.
- don't treat yourself until you reach your goal, or of you have the treat planned ( don't go to a family party and just eat junk because it's around, bring your own clean eats and share)

- Treat each time it's offered (will power isn't genetic, you create it)
- Treat yourself because your friends/ family are (they are living a different life than you and have different goals)
- Treat yourself with a whole weekend of junk ( pick your battles, you don't want to feel like complete crap at the end of a weekend)

I hope you understand, everyone treats themselves differently. Also, try to not judge people on their treats, until you've walked in their shoes!

Hope you have happy treat meals to come!

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