Wow it sure is hot out! I want something cold and refreshing (no not a beer), but ice cream! Not just any ice cream,flavorful and guilt-free ice cream.

Knocked this one out of the park:)

Thea's Raw Cacao Coconut Almond Ice Cream


3 cups organic unsweetened almond milk
Coconut meat from 1 coconut
1/4 c. Raw cacao powder
3 Organic stevia packets
1 Tbsp. Raw Almond butter
4 Organic pitted dates
2 Tbsp. Organic instant coffee
Cinnamon to taste

1. In a blender blend together coconut meat and almond milk.
2. Add in dates, almond butter, cacao, stevia, coffee, cinnamon, and cacao.
3. Blend until smooth, then pour in to plastic container with lid.
4. Freeze for a few hours.
5. Stir, then freeze again for 30-45 min.
6. Scoop then serve.

This reminds me of mocha almond fudge ice cream, just tastier:)