I am well aware that I think about workouts, diet, and living a healthy lifestyle way more often than your average person. I think about it when I am choosing my meals, all day when I am at work planning fitness events or training clients, and also after work when I am at the gym. These things are a huge part of my life. Are they a part of yours?

You and I are not equal. We have different genetic makeups which may mean different ethnicity, different height, metabolism, strengths, goals, weaknesses, etc. I am asked very frequently on what is the best diet or the best workout. This is an amazingly complex question to ask. Initially I wonder, what is their current plan right now? When does this person eat, what do they eat, how much do they eat, where to they eat, where does the food they eat come from, etc.? When it comes to workouts I wonder what their routine is. Do they lift heavy, do they rest a lot between sets, do they switch up their program often, do they do cardio and if so what kinds, do they like group fitness or yoga maybe CrossFit or boxing?

We are ALL so different and we each need to find out what works best for US. We need to experiment on ourselves and just know what feels right. For each of us this plan will be different!!!!

I just figured out my answer to the most complex question I've been asked... push yourself harder then you ever have before. This may mean train harder, or training some different way, or faster, or heavier. For dieting this may mean to add fats, cut carbs, add carbs, eat more, eat less, eat more often, eat less often. There is not just one way to see results, for myself it will be different than for you.

The point is to push your limits, and only you know your limits!! You will see results in your mind, body, and spirit!