I think about this all the time. What do you want? For me, that answer changes more frequently than the weather! There is one thing I do know, I know what I DON'T want! I have learned this over time and notice I dislike having weekends that make me more tired than a busy work week.
Some things that contribute to that "exhaustion" are going out, eating bad, and not sleeping enough. I decided to take responsibility for my actions and not blame anyone else for my decisions.
Yes, I am guilty of going out and eating bad foods every now and then. What I noticed over time is I need to be mindful of my choices whether good or bad. If I go out late on a weeked, there's a good chance I won't workout the next day and I will waste a morning that could've been a productive one.
I realize the pressure I get, and I'm sure you all get from friends and family to engage in things you may not like to engage in i.e.. eating junk food, drinking, going out late, being lazy instead of working out, etc. Now I go in to a weekend knowing there is going to be that pressure and I decide beforehand how I am going to handle each situation depending on my wants/needs/goals!
Don't be afraid to be selfish and do what you want on the weekend. If that means not going out and cooking every meal, or even if it means loosening up and partying hard, I encourage you to do what YOU want. At the end of the day you go to bed with your thoughts and you reflect on your actions. Be proud of your decisions and be responsible them at the end of each day!

Live your life how YOU want, one day at a time:)