Ok, as most of you know from reading my posts I am a food lover! A REAL food lover, eating is AWESOME! At the same time I care about the food that goes in my body as should everyone. This is why I often love going to vegan restaurants. Not because I'm vegan, but for the fact that most vegan restaurants go above and beyond to make great food, make it fresh to order, get it locally, and often organic.

Cafe gratitude in San Rafael looked like a place I had to go when I searched online. Tons of options, variety, raw options, and cooked vegan options. I told my sister we had to go for brunch when she mentioned she'd like to go somewhere healthy ( I thought, DUH, I only do healthy), but I made sure to go above and beyond and show her somewhere ├╝ber healthy!

The restaurant looked closed, until we twisted the door and saw an empty place with a few ladies working. I mentioned how excited I was and they sat us.
We both ordered the maca latte, mine with fresh hazelnut milk and my sisters with almond milk.
The menu was huge but we were starved so decided to start with the raw nachos! Oh man they were tasty and included sprouted chips, sunflower seed paste, salsa fresco,guacamole, and raw cashew sour cream. We devoured it even though we thought we would need a box before digging in.

We then each ordered our brunch. I ordered the live sesame onion bagel w/ cashew cream cheese, nori lox, tomato ,red onion, and capers. This was absolutely tasty! I loved how flavorful it was and I also liked that it was open-faced.

My sister ordered a sweet bowl of steamed quinoa, seasonal fruit,cinnamon, pecans, almond milk, and agave nectar.

We wanted to get dessert, but we were too full, so we drove to Berkeley to play and shop.. Who knew we would find another cafe gratitude and go in to order late lunch/early dinner.

This shop in Berkeley was much different than San Rafael, but just as cute! I we ordered "I am fulfilled" with a yummy fig dressing and split it.
I then ordered the best drink I think I've ever had in my life the "I am grace" smoothie with Young coconut milk, almond butter, date and vanilla bean.
 My sister ordered a green juice. And of course we ordered deserts to go. Holy moly we got the coconut cacao mousse cake, and an almond chocolate mousse cake. Those were so decadent, we took bites throughout the week to hit our sweet tooth. FYI they were made with great ingredients and no sugar just agave!

My new fave bay area restaurant! Thanks cafe gratitude for having the most delicious, fresh, and healthy food around!!!!