Tis' Wedding and BBQ season, we all know what that means...PARTY time! This doesn't mean time to go crazy, and it also doesn't mean you should skip the party. You can go, enjoy yourself, and (believe it or not) leave feeling good!

Most people overeat at parties, I mean food (and bad foods) are a part of our culture. We celebrate usually by eating! This summer I have some tips for you that may help you stay slim and trim while still enjoying these events.

Before your event, hit it hard. Kick your own ass in the gym, and work knowing you will be taking a day off. Continue to eat good leading up to the event, but also make sure you are eating enough. No point in starving yourself before the event, you'll just eat more at the event (usually unhealthier things too).

When you get to your event, if you plan on drinking then go get a glass of wine or champagne. SIP on your drink while you mingle. When you are done, take some time away from hitting the booze again and sip on some water. Spread out the drinking so you limit your intake! When eating, stay away from pastry type things, and only stick to the fruits/veggies/protein. Stay away from the bread rolls, and get an extra serving of salad or veggies. Skip out on the desert, because we all know how bloated and guilty you will feel the next morning.

The day after the event is the most important in my opinion. You must
1. DRINK WATER, a shit ton!
2. Eat breakfast, even if you seem full from the day before you need to get your metabolism going again!
3. Exercise, anything to get blood flowing to your muscles. Literally stretching, walking, jogging, whatever you have energy for!
4. Get back to your habits, start this day as a new day to reach your goals. It's a blank slate!

I hope this helps you with your Summer weekend events. I know how hard it is, but you CAN enjoy your life and stay happy and healthy!