This is a great saying.

It relates to my journey with fitness. Workouts I've endured in my past seriously come to mind when I think of this saying! My whole life I have been an athlete, but today I think that lightbulb just went off making me put the pieces together.
My mom reminded me of how I for sure will get through this fitness competition and the intensity of my workouts. She reminded me of my freshman year of college, first week as a Division 1 athlete at track practice being literally what I felt like run in to the ground ( or stadium stairs for that matter). We laughed about it, and the funny thing is after enduring a crazy tough workout and sticking to it through sweat and mental toughness, I knew I could do it. I know today I could do that again, although it seems like hell!
Doing things that push us to our limits teach us a whole lot about ourselves, in many aspects of our lives. So go ahead and push your limits, I'm pretty sure you'll be surprised with how it helps build mental and this case physical strength!

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