Yes, I've decided to compete in an NPC bikini competition! It is so exciting, everyday is something new! I have a great coach who is truly helping me work through everything! This is an emotional and physical struggle let me tell you! On top of that being prepared comes 1st.
When you are on a time schedule with meals you need to be prepared for any situation. If you get stuck at work or in class and it is time to eat, you better have something! I am spending a lof of time cooking in bulk and packing meals in my cooler!
If you have your workouts, you better get to the gym! No excuses, no matter what time, if you want something bad enough you'll get the job done. If it has to be at 5am, at your lunch break, after work, or at 11pm you gotta do what you gotta do!!!
I am now 8 weeks out from competition and I am really focused! No slip ups, and no slacking! This is new to me so I am enjoying this process and learning a ton on the way!
Thanks to all the people who have donated and or supported me thus far, it's been amazing!

Happy fit Friday!