It is a new year, Happy 2012! With all the resolutions we have all made, many of us have decided to work towards making healthier lifestyle choices. This includes eating healthy foods, and making them at home. I get asked pretty frequently what types of food I eat. When I share them, people look at me with crazy eyes! They say "you ate what?", or "I have never heard of that". With this post, I hope to familiarize you with the crazy foods you may not have tried before. Also, why they are good for you.

Quinoa- This is the ONLY grain that is considered a complete protein and complete in essential amino acids and nutrients. It is similar to oats in the nutritional value, and less like other grains like rice and pasta. Quinoa looks similar to couscous and comes in different colors I enjoy red the best. I usually cook quinoa in a rice cooker and eat instead of oats in the morning to switch things up from time to time. I will serve it as a side with protein and veggies, or sprinkle on top of a salad to add some healthy carbs.

Oat Flour- This is essentially ground up oatmeal. You can buy it at any market in the baking section. I love oat flour, because unlike white flours this doesn't spike your insulin levels. I use this in my protein bars, homemade muffins, as well as any substitute for flour in baking. It is a more nutritious substitute for white flour.

Flaxseed- Flaxseed is definitely a big part of my daily diet. I sprinkle it on greek yogurt, add it to my protein pancakes/ protein shakes, or sprinkle on my salad. They tend to have a sort of nutty taste, and the nutrients are only absorbed by the body if they are ground. You can buy the flaxseed pre-ground, or you can grind them in a coffee grinder. Once ground, they must be stored in the fridge or freezer so they don't go rancid. Flaxseed is rich in fiber as well as Omega-3's and antioxidants. Flaxseed has also been said to help reduce risks of cancer. I usually sprinkle 1-2 tbsp. on something I consume each day.

Kombucha- Check out my post on this here -> .

Chia- This is the new SUPERFOOD according to many. You can add it to water and drink to reduce inflammation, and increases energy. It alse reduces heart attack risks, improve brain function, reduces cancer risks, reduces risks in high in fiber, calcium. You can grind it and add it to smoothies, or sprinkle on top of food. I have tried it with my kombucha and really enjoyed it. I drink 1/2 the bottle a day (When I buy it) and it really increases my daily fiber intake - read more about the Kombucha Chia at .

Ezekiel breads, muffins, and tortilla's- I like to eat ezekiel bread instead of consuming other wheat breads. Just because bread labels say whole grain that doesn't mean they aren't filled with sugar. Ezekiel bread is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and natural fiber with no added fat. The bread is flour-less and is made with fresh sprouted grains, it has 18 essential amino acids, and no added JUNK. Check out the ezekiel brand here .

Tempeh- Tempeh is a soy product that many vegetarians and vegans consume as a protein source. It is also high in fiber and vitamins. This product uses the whole soy bean, in comparison to tofu where only part of the bean is used, so this tempeh is richer and allows the body to absorb more nutrients. This product tastes great grilled and consumed with a side of veggies, or stir fried. I also grill it and throw it on a salad. I got turned on to this product after trying it at and at and

I hope this helps you get familiar with some unfamiliar products. If you have any other questions about unrecognizable foods, workouts, or recipes make sure you ask. I am here to help :)

Have a great week!!!