Happy January!!!! First and foremost I hope you all had an amazing holiday with friends and family!
We all are told by society that we should make resolutions. Who is making them? I was thinking about it and I don't think there is anything wrong with resolutions. They are cliche, yes, but at the same time you are bettering yourself! Why not set some goals?!
Some goals I am setting this year
- always balance my life don't play too much, don't work too much, don't take yourself too seriously
- do more yoga
- help people find their confidence
- make a business plan
- see the good in things
- don't set myself up for disappointment, don't set high expectations for people
- work hard for the things I want and put them before fun
- spend time with family-keep making the effort
- make people smile
- save and set aside money each month

Rock your 2012! Hope some of my little goals help you notice no matter how big or small you can make them; they make a difference in what you focus on accomplishing this coming year!