Ready for a quick and effective killer workout? Times a wastin'!!!!

1 mile run ( I ran to the gym you can do 1 mi run/ power walk on treadmill, Bike 1 mi, or elliptical)

Superset: do one exercise immediately jump into the next without rest

1. 3x15 seated shoulder press
Superset 3x50 jumping jacks
2. 3x12 front plate raise (grab a weight that goes on bench presses either 10,25,35,45)
Superset 3x15 burpees
3. 3x10-15 shoulder pushups (feet on bench, arms on floor, shoulders directly over wrists)
Superset 3x30 Bench hop-overs ( with hands on bench keep both feet together and hop from one side to the other)
4. 3x12 Dumbbell lateral raises
Superset 3x50 bosu ball toe taps and 3x50 bosu side toe taps (touch toe on one side of ball the jump to the other to touch other toe)
5. Killer arm set:
50 arm circles forward
50 arm circles backward
50 arm pumps to the front wall
50 arm pumps to the back wall
50 arm twists to the front( start w palms up then squeeze hands and twist making a fist facing down)

1 mile run ( any way you want to complete the mile)

Whew! Is that high intensity or what?