One of my favorite quotes when it comes to eating healthy is " failing to plan is the plan to fail". When I don't have a plan/goal there is no way I am going to be on track to reach them! I make sure I plan my meals the day before so it is far and few that I ever have to go get a fast food meal. The night before I always pack 3 meals. I pack my first snack (or meal 2), lunch ( or meal 3), and second snack (or meal 4). I eat my breakfast (meal 1) at home then head to work with my cooler of food. This is the simplest way to fool-proof your diet.
Top 5 Reasons why I love my cooler:
1. I never go hungry. My snacks are always near!
2. I don't have an excuse to eat junk. When we don't have a plan for lunch we are more likely to eat whatever is around (ie. Donuts for breakfast in the office if you forgot to eat)
3. I know what's in my food. I could go grab a sandwich or salad around the corner (which I may do every now and then as a treat), but when I pack my meals I know my food isn't cooked in tons of oil, or have added sugars/salt.
5. It saves me SO much money! Cooking at home seems pricey but when you eat a $12.00 salad out, and have to tip on top of that IT GETS WAY TOO PRICEY!!

My meals today:
2. Homemade protein bar (search my blog for recipe)
3. Asain Chicken and broccoli stir fry (coming soon to blog)
4. ACAI cottage cheese and almonds