Good day y'all! What a morning for me! 8 am day after Christmas workout with my mom and two cousins! We went to coyote hills and it was freezing! My mom and cousin Cody walked and talked while Cassie and I ran and did a park workout. It felt really good to get out in the crisp air with family and be active! Here's a quick park workout you can do anywhere.

Park Workout:
Run or walk to a nearby park.
Use picnic bench:
1st set repeat 3 times
- 20 incline pushups on bench (want more difficulty: try decline)
- 20 bench dips
- 20 step ups
2nd set repeat 3 times
- 50 box jumps
- 20 lunges (10 switching each leg on bench)
- 20 pop squats( jump out with a wide squat, jump up pushing feet together)
- 50 jumping jacks

Now that your heart rate is nice and elevated run (or walk) back!