Who is feeling like the last few weeks of treats/drinking has taken a toll on you? For me personally, I notice a difference right away in My energy level and mood even after one or two treats a day. Let's start today with some positive thoughts to keep us moving forward!!!
- Today is the first day of the rest of your life- What happened yeterday is in the past and to ve frank; you can't change that. You can either remember it and be discouraged, or you can look at it and move on in a more positive direction. Time to make a healthy start to a healthy day, hopefully a healthy week, turned in to a month, creating habits turning in to a lifestyle you carry on throughout the years. What better time than now?
-It takes 2500 calories to gain or lose a pound- On top of what your metabolic rate is (what you burn just by breathing and being awake) you must consume an extra 2500 calories to gain a pound, you also must cut or burn 2500 calories to lose a pound! SO one bad day won't kill you! Just remember to balance bad meals with a few days of really healthy ones! I like to think- you can have your cake (from time to time) and eat it too!
- Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going- Today I'm sure you feel kind of like crap if you ate and drank too much (just the motivation you need to help you make the healthy change your body needs). Now it's time to listen to that gut feeling (no pun intended) and get a movin'. Motivate yourself everday and look for the motivation in everything around you to help you push closer to reach your goals.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Thank you all for supporting me and allowing me have this outlet to share my passion!