1. Drink TONS of water.
2. Get active as much as possible (skies the limit). Walk, run, hike, gym, swim, bike, jump around, etc.
3. Start off your day right. We have all heard it is best to eat breakfast to jump-start our metabolism in the morning, to help us not overeat throughout the day, BUT ALSO if we start off healthy I BELIEVE we will be less inclined to crave junk.
4. Eat something before you go out to a party. If you go starving, because you wanted to fit in to that little dress you are most likely going to overeat at the party. Eat throughout the day 5-6 meals.
5. Fill yourself with veggies and protein before reaching for the holiday treats/ heavy carbs/etc.
6. If you drink alcohol. ( FIRST try wine or champagne, then hard alcohol mixed with no sugar added juice or soda).
7. Don't deprive yourself. OK, you may think I wouldn't say this. BUT this is your life so have a few treats:)

Remember: This is your life, have fun and live healthy. Happy Holidays!