"My Winter Coat", "It's just because I'm not tan anymore", "It's not like I have to wear anything tight", "I love comfort food too much", "I'd rather stay bundled up then go to the gym".

Don't we all make these excuses from time to time? I will be the first to admit that I do. The holidays are here, and it is really easy to pack on the pounds in such a short window of time. The temptations seriously seem like they SPEAK to me, how about you? Pastries, baked goods, sugary coffees, heavy meals, and carbs all seem like they are in close vicinity. BUT lets take a step back and remember why we don't need all these things (or as much of them as we are tempted to eat).

I definitely know that when I eat too much of something I know is bad for me, it not only effects my stomach (literally sick to my stomach) it also effects my mood (I become disappointed I "let myself go").I have realized life is about balance, and indulging in yummy food (even if it isn't 100% nutritious) is alright to do from time to time. The key is not OVER-INDULGING and also NOT indulging too frequently.

Make sure you are working out, but don't think that working out 4-5 times a week means you can eat everything in sight. Make all your meals you know you can plan, that you choose wisely (lean proteins/veggies/healthy fats/etc.) If you plan your week around healthy meals then a treat or two won't kill you.

The best part about this all is you can sort of "have your cake and eat it too", because if you plan for a treat at a Christmas party then it won't effect your weight. One treat or even 3 can keep you in maintenance.

Enjoy your life, you only have one to live.

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