I just wanted to hit on a topic that is commonly brought to my attention. People ask for my advice, and I love hearing from you all! I love if I can help in any way, but one common issue people hit when trying to keep a good body weight/image is not combine clean eating and working out. People who workout often think, " well I workout so I can burn off this or that". In my opinion, I think that is a horrible way to looking at things. If you eat junk who says you get to choose which calories you burn in the gym. So many people go to the gym after a week or so and say I had too many sweets last night, and then assume when they go to the gym they are burning the extra calories from sweets, maybe your burning off the oatmeal you had before that instead. The only way to assure you are burning calories all day long is by eating clean. You are regulating a steady blood sugar when you eat clean and eat 5-6 small meals every 3 hours. Your body can dispose of extra calories, when this eat clean lifestyle becomes a habit. If your eating habits aren't regular your body may store extra calories. When you overeat, then don't eat for hours your body stores the calories, because your body isn't on a regular eating schedule.
Eating clean and not working out will keep you fairly healthy, but you have to remember muscle doesn't build itself. You have to build lean muscle to quicken metabolism. Eating clean will give you sufficient energy to fuel your workouts, and will also provide you with proper nutrients to sustain a healthy body. Without one the other won't work properly. Keep eating clean and workout at least three days a week, and let me know how you feel!