Doesn't it seem like getting to the gym and working hard during the week means a relaxed weekend. Well over the last month I have realized that hard work during the week doesn't mean you should blow it on the weekends. What's the point of eating healthy all week and working out, if every weekend ends with regretting your food choices and laziness. I think it's time I open up about finding that balance.
It has been a struggle for me to find a happy medium between going out with friends and family, and staying in. For a while, I found myself unhappy with going out too much and not doing things for me. Then I started staying in too much, and I felt more lonely and separated from my peers/family. I love finding the happy medium, and it definitely takes trial and error to find YOUR happy medium. We are all so different and at the same time have different schedules, goals, and different ideas of happiness.
This week I realized that happiness to me isn't necessarily having fun. I think people too often think having fun and going out will make them happy. I disagree with that idea. Having fun all the time comes with a natural "high" feeling. The after effect isn't always an overall happiness. Sometimes it's regret, whether it be spending too much money, over indulging, or taking steps away from our goals. It is time to work hard for our goals all the time. Enjoy fun experiences often, but not too often. First, I realized they don't feel as fun or special when you do them all the time; you end up enjoying them more when it seems like a treat. Secondly, you don't have any guilty feelings if you aren't "over-doing it".
These coming weeks, start doing things for you, weekly, and on the weekends. Start every morning off healthy, and reflect on what you want your week to look like. Your decisions are just that, YOURS! Work hard, and make yourself happy by reaching your goals!