Man I just finished a killer workout with my friend Sheila, and I think I can speak for the both of us when I say this was INTENSE.

3x15 Leg extensions (light weight to warm up)
4x5- Smith machine tri-squat (squat down, go up partially, down again, up mid-way, down again, and fully up- remember to keep the weight in your heels and squeeze butt at top)
3x10 Each leg- weighted lunge on smith machine
3x12 Smith machine weighted glute-raise Super set with..
3x16 Dumbbell step-up
3x10 Smith machine wide squat superset with..
3x10 Each leg dumbbell deadlift (with one foot on box)
20 Walking lunge then..
12 Hip-abductor followed by...
12 Lying hamstring curls
Finish with
4X10 Each leg glute kick-back

Finish with Stairmaster level 5
5 min no hands
2.5 min facing left
2.5 min facing right
5 min every other step.

Get mentally prepared and get ready to feel the burn!