Unlike most fad diets, eating clean is a lifestyle change. There are always slip-ups in everyone's day-to-day routine every now and then, but preparing meals each day to ignore those slip-ups is best.
I am going to share a little bit of my mother’s journey with you. She has seen me change my lifestyle over the last few years, and of course as a mom she has to wonder and worry. She noticed my weight-loss right away and assumed I simply wasn't eating enough. When I tried to encourage her to join my healthy eating, she didn't take the advice because she assumed I was unhealthy. Her comments to me sort of hurt my feelings, asking where my butt went and things along those lines. At that point in time she was right, I lost my butt! I got upset because I have never had a goal to be skinny; I strive to be fit. Once I traded in the long time spent on cardio and started lifting weights is when my body began to transform. My perspective on working out and eating has changed as well.
I have encouraged her to join me in clean eating, every time I go home I notice her 3 big meals. She tends to eat very fast and stuff herself to where she’s rarely hungry for the next meal. When you have habits like this, your metabolism slows down. You aren't eating regularly enough for your metabolism to stay steady and constant. Once she noticed my changes physically, and mentally I think she got more and more curious. She started listening, maybe not following healthy tips but listening. From there she asked me to make her little meals. I wanted to cook with her and make healthier options. We talked and decided it would be good for her to pack snacks and lunch for when she’s at work and see how it goes. She and her co-worker switch off packing clean snacks and meals! Without even trying to lose weight my mom has gone from about her normal 145 lbs to a healthy 139 lbs in just a few weeks. She has never been overweight, and works out regularly. Now that her diet is on track, I can tell how excited she is. I am so proud of her, and I love that my mom is taking her health in to her hands. I think it is very important to make sure the people we love the most are happy and healthy. When you get healthy, I believe it makes your life that much more enjoyable. Hopefully, you can take this story and begin to make small changes to better your health:)