We are all so busy, it is only normal to get caught up not realizing that you have to leave the house and haven't packed your meals for the day. I always have things around the house stocked up so I can grab them on the go or prepare extremely quick.

1. Protein powder- Put it in a shaker with water, grab a piece of fruit and you're set!
2. Low sodium rice cakes or Ryvita/ Ok-Mak crackers- two crackers with a little unsalted peanut butter and a piece of fruit is quick and super easy to pack.
3. Fage 0% greek yogurt- with flaxseed meal, unsalted almonds, and a sliced piece of fruit or berries.
4. Fat-free cottage cheese- Tastes amazing with unsweetened applesauce and cinnamon.
5. Whole wheat tortilla (la tortilla factory low-carb, or sonoma low-carb)- wrapped with sliced banana unsalted peanut butter and cinnamon. OH MYY DELISH!!!!!
6. Whole wheat tortilla- wrapped up with some of your pre-cooked chicken breast, some mustard, and green beans.
7. Can of water packed tuna- mix in veggies and mustard (if i have time for something besides mustard i will use a scoop of fat free greek yogurt mixed with Indian spices). (HINT: if you don't have a cooler on hand you can put in frozen veggies they will keep your food cold without a ice pack)
8. Pre-made protein bars- and a piece of fruit. (I cook a batch and put in the frigde so whenever I need them they are handy).
9. 4 hard boiled egg whites- with sugar-free ketchup or mustard and grab a piece of fruit.(Sometimes i like to hard boil a dozen eggs in the fridge to have on hand so I don't have to hassle cooking on the go).
10. Fat-free cottage cheese- with some cubed avocado and pico or salsa. AIIAIIIAII!!

These are things you can pack anytime and leave them stocked. No excuses for not having time, most of us can find time when we are hungry to run in somewhere and pick out something (that wastes time). Instead, plan ahead and have quick snack choices in your house ready to be enjoyed!

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