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it’s the absolute perfect time to stock up on your beauty needs. rarely do beauty products go on sale, but until this saturday, ulta has 20% off your entire purchase. ulta has been my go to lately, especially because i’ve discovered more affordable products there this year. i mean $8 for blush and setting powder is saving me so much money. let’s get in to my faves from ulta (while you can still get them on sale)

hoola: do i even need to explain. the. best. bronzer. ever. i’ve been using hoola since high school & every time i try a new bronzer, i go back to hoola. if you haven’t tried it, you are missing out. stock up now while it’s 20% off. also (not photographed), my favorite benefit eyebrow pencil is on sale too.

butter blush: i took a chance on this blush & it did not disappoint. i almost bought a $30 blush, but i took a chance on the most beautiful physicians formula blush & it’s everything i could want in a blush. it’s pigmented, the perfect color and smells so nice. if you’re looking for a more affordable blush, i highly recommend this line.

cc cream: when i don’t go glam (so pretty much 6 days a week) i wear cc cream. it’s lightweight, goes on with great coverage, and my skin likes it. you can wear it to the gym with a light layer. or build on it with more. it’s your call, but this stuff is tried and true!

nars mascara: some famous makeup artist talked about this mascara, and i gave in and bought it. i wasn’t expecting too much, but i’m now converted. this mascara has done me good and it totally makes my lashes look fuller and thick.

concealer: GIRLS, this is a game changer. i love my shape teape (still wear when going out), but i wanted a more affordable daily concealer and this is it. it’s only $7 full price (take 20% off that) and it’s the best.

“baking powder”: translucent powders are a must for me, because my skin gets oily. i mix in translucent powder with my normal powder for lighter coverage. i also use the powder under my eyes to "bake” my concealer in order to make my under eyes look extra bright. for only $8 (with an extra 20% off this week), it’s a steal compared to my normal $30 powder.

falsies: i don’t wear false lashes often, but when i do, i’m picky AF. i don’t want them to look too fake, too plastic looking or too shiny. these bad boys are my go-to. they are super affordable and easy to wear.

lastly, now would be a great time to get shape tape, a curling iron, blow dryer, my favorite hairspray, favorite self tanner, becca highlight.

via Thea : Ulta Beauty Buys Translucent "Baking powder" by Revolution
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via Thea: Ulta Beauty Finds
via Thea: Ulta Beauty Finds
via Thea: Ulta Beauty Finds
via Thea: Ulta Beauty Finds