It's 2017, so I'm sure your hair dresser has told you by now it isn't good to wash your hair everyday. Thank you dry shampoo!! When you wash your hair you wash away most of your hairs natural oils. Those oils help your hair stay hydrated. strong and helps your hair grow. However, when you do wash your hair (you should every 2-3 days) be sure to use amazing products that cleanse your hair, but don't strip your hair.


I grew up using whatever products my parents stocked the house with. In college, I was on a budget and did the same the cheaper the better. It wasn't until I started spending money on coloring my hair, when my hairdressers told me it was KEY to buy good shampoo and conditioner. At first, I didn't want to spend the money. They convinced me, it wasn't worth spending the money coloring my hair and not treating it properly between cuts/color.

Once I switched to Oribe my hair started breaking a lot less and wasn't as frizzy. When you color your hair, especially blondes, your hair can get super dry. With these products, my hair looks a lot more hydrated and smooth, even though I color my hair. 


I use the Oribe ultra gentle shampoo and the gold lust hair masque. These two products not only smell like heaven, but they make my hair super soft and shiny. I use the masque as a conditioner and once a week I let it sit for 15-20 minutes as a masque.