via thea indian summer

It's the warmest time of year in San Francisco right now. If you've ever visited, you know it's pretty chilly about 85% of the year. We get some warm days and September happens to be our warmest month. It's the one month where you can get away with going outside in a tank top and not have to bring your jacket.

I have been traveling a ton and to come home to the heat has been nice. I am a sun worshiper, so the more sunshine the better! 

Since the sun has been out I've been able to dig to the bottom of my drawers and back of my closet to grab my favorite tank tops. This tobi tank top from http://www.tobi.comis one of my favorites. I love that it's flowy and floral, but also has the fun halter neck. Pair a flowy tank with skinny jeans, a small heel & a fun hat and I'm ready for brunch!

via thea indian summer sf
via thea indian summer sf
via Thea indian summer sf