via Thea: Best SF Spray Tan (Boba guys)

there's nothing more sexy than showing a little shoulder, am i right? over the last few years i've found a ton of off the shoulder tops that i absolutely love. they are perfect for date nights, fun parties and bbq's. they are a little more dressy than your average tee, but casual enough to wear day-to-day. i have a full blown collection at this point & i wanted to share with you some of my absolute favorites, but before i do, here are a few tips on how to style them.

if the top is long

be sure you do a little front tuck to show that you have some curves. when you tuck a side to hug your body it tends to be more flattering.

if the sleeves wont stay down

how annoying is it when the sleeves keep riding up!? i try to buy tops that arent too tight at the top, because they tend to ride up. if that isn't an option for you, this hack by refinery29 is an absolute game changer!

buy one that works with your shape

if you are a skinny minnie, a flowy top can either drown you or give you curves you wish you had, so i will link some i love for petite gals below. for you curvy gals- you don't want your top to make you look huge, so try for a material that doesn't pop away from your body too far (linking for you below). for my pear shaped gals, a little crop will show off your tiny waistline. 

via Thea: Best SF Spray Tan (Boba guys)
via Thea: Best SF Spray Tan (Boba guys)
via Thea: Best SF Spray Tan (Boba guys)
via Thea: Best SF Spray Tan (Boba guys)
via Thea off shoulder top, black hat, boba guys
via Thea: Best SF Spray Tan (Boba guys)