every year i get asked what i want for my birthday and christmas- and i draw a huge blank. i think it mostly happens year after year because the items i want are typically pretty pricey & i feel bad asking for things. however, it’s way worse when someone spends a ton of money on you and it’s something you definitely don’t want.

this year i made a wishlist of things i’ve been eyeing for quite some time, but am holding off until after the holidays to purchase. some are more pricey, and others are more reasonable. this year i’m making a list for friends and family to reference, but anyone that knows me knows that i prefer spending quality time with my loves ones over a gift. my favorite gifts are tickets to a show together, a nice dinner reservation or a fun activity.

that being said, giving friends/family an idea of what you like will hopefully lead them in the right direction!


retrofete grace sequin dress: this dress caught my eye when ashley wore it for her engagement shoot. i had my mind set on getting it for my 30th birthday, but i just haven’t been able to justify spending the money (yet). it’s in my shopping cart and i’m praying a huge sale hits.

apl blush sneaker: i have a ton of friends who swear that the apl sneakers are the best and most comfy day to day sneaker (especially for city folk). i really love how universal the white and blush tones are, these will go with just about everything.

free people belt: i’ve stocked up on free people belts this fall and i wear them almost everyday, i just need the perfect tan one, and this is it!

lack of color straw hat: i’m headed to belize in january and i recently left one of my favorite straw hats on an airplane, this one is the perfect color and size for me (i like my hats big)!

charlotte tilbury lip kit: my favorite lipstick is from charlotte tilbury and when she does the duos it’s such a good steal- i really want to try this trio, it’s right up my alley (pinky nude tones).

oribe styling spray set: you guys all know how much i love oribe. to be honest it gets pricey and around the holidays the holiday sets make it so much more affordable. it’s the perfect gift for a hair lover like me with all the items you need for beachy curls!

charlotte tilbury highlight set: ok, i went down the instagram rabbit hole with this one. i love a great highlight and the videos of this stuff is like magic. it’s definitely a beauty splurge, but i’d love to try it!

lytera 2.0: i know i’ve talked a lot about melasma and skin discoloration, well the beauty product that does real wonders is lytera. the only kicker is it’s on the pricier side, so i like to ask for it as a gift. it really does work magic, if you have really bad skin discoloration this stuff is a game changer.

UFO by Sunday Riley: this is one of those beauty products everyone and their mom raves about and i haven’t gotten the chance to try it! i’d love to test it out to see if it’s worth the moolah!

lancome hypnose drama: i love asking for my favorite mascara, because it’s a budget friendly gift for the holidays (secret santa, nudge nudge).

quay x desi high key sunnies: i own these sunnies in another color, and they are my favorite. i for sure think they are the best beach vacation sunglasses and i feel like i need these ones for my trip!

misa straw bag: i love going to the beach & i love straw bags with cloth inside that’s easy to grab and go (also easy to clean).

l*space bikini top and bottom: i already own this bikini in black, but it’s my absolute favorite. i feel totally comfortable in it and i feel like since i feel so good in it i should get it in a fun color (it’s also on sale).

west elm dresser: the perfect gold and white dresser forever on my wishlist.

barefoot dreams robe: have you ever touched a barefoot dreams blanket? if you have then you’d know, because you wouldn’t ever let it leave your body. they have the softest stuff and i really need a robe. why not get the softest robe? keep an eye out, sometimes nordstrom rack carries these on sale!

anthropologie candle: this is the best candle and smells so amazing. you can thank me later when you get it, the perfect stocking stuffer or white elephant gift.

maya brenner necklace: maya brenner has the best initials necklaces around. i’ve loved her stuff for years and think it’s the most special & perfect gift to give to someone special. your mom, wife, girlfriend…. me. LOL

pottery barn jewelry organizer: if you haven’t gotten the hint yet, my room is mostly white and gold with neutral bedding/pillows. i have a ton of jewelry that get’s all knotted and this is just the cutest and most practical organizer. i also love that you can customize it, so so cute!

catbird gold ring: i love dainty rings that i never have to take off. i always have at least 3 on and i love this simple staple.

crate and barrel red wine glasses: who doesn’t love wine? there’s something about a big wine glass with a long stem that makes me feel classyAF. these ones are super affordable and perfect for any home. if you ever entertain, having nice matching wine glasses is the “adult thing” to do, right?

full length mirror: isn’t it horrible that i don’t own a full length mirror. i know. my friends make fun of me anytime they get ready here. i need one, but i also want one that fit’s my room. this gold one is perfection!

girl stop apologizing, by rachel hollis: rachel hollis is my current favorite podcaster and author. i’m reading her book “girl was your face” and it’s amazing! i really want this one to take on my trip in january!

marble and gold cheese board: i love cheese, you love cheese, we all love cheese! i am know for my delicious cheese boards, but my wooden board broke!!! i love this affordable and cute one from world market, it even comes with a cute knife!