if you follow me on instagram, then you've seen me more recently post my podcasts with a "swipe up" for you to enjoy whatever it is i'm listening to. i noticed that when i have down time (where i either have silence in the background or music playing) if i just easily swapped in a podcast i could learn a bit while i have down time.

walk to work? podcast. take a bus? podcast. put your makeup on? podcast. scrolling on instagram while we should be sleeping? podcast. you can listen to podcasts throughout your day and be learning something new in such a short amount of time. you know how they say, you are who you hang out with? well i choose to hangout with inspirational leaders for an hour a day, because i want to be more like them. the coolest part about podcasts (and books) is people take years of their learnings and boil it down to you with a big cliff notes summary of amazing tips and life lessons. i try to think of it like i'm having a 1:1 with someone who constantly is dropping knowledge bombs. 

so without futher adieu, here are my favorite 5 right now.

via Thea: My favorite podcasts

1. the influencer podcast with julie solomon

the influencer podcast has been the most enlightening podcast and applicable to my blog, so i feel like i can't get enough of it. julie goes over a lot of influencer marking trends talking about the ups/downs, how to build a reputable brand, what's changing, and what to focus on while building your business. my favorite thus far is when she interviewed ali grant who built her own company that focuses on 2 parts; one is brand facing, the other is influencer facing. her tips were so amazing, since she sees both sides of the business. i can't wait each time a new podcast goes live.

2. the goal digger with jenna kutcher

i've followed jenna on instagram for years. she's by far the most positive person i follow and she is seriously so beautiful with her words. it's so nice to see someone being so raw and real online. her podcast has so many business tips for someone starting a small business. she goes in to knowing what to say yes & no to, how to not burn out & how to find the audience for you (not all followers are ones you want). i've loved seeing her involved and her podcast is so bubbly and fun.

3. the skinny confidential

the skinny confidential is such a fun podcast. they talk about health & beauty, sex & drugs as well as growing your brand and business. i love the podcast, because you get the his & her point of view on all these topics. they bring in some of the most inspiring people & each week there's something new i learn. i love it. 

4. the tim ferriss show podcast

you may recognize tim's name from his famous books 4 hour work week, 4 hour body & tools of titans. i have known about tim for quite some time, but his podcast is next level to his books. hearing the passion and research behind his tips make me really excited to listen to him break them down for me.

5. school of greatness with lewis howes

lewis' podcast focuses on interviewing some of the most influential people in the world. his questions really dive in on how successful people became so successful. he asks a lot about where they came from and the tools they've needed to learn to grow themselves in to the successful businesspeople they are now.


i hope you take a listen and find one that you absolutely love. next time you're getting ready, driving to work or cleaning your house PUT ONE OF THESE ON :) 

via Thea: My favorite podcasts