via Thea Messy Waves Hair Tutorial

Have you ever seen someone's hair and just been in awe by how perfect it looks. Full, voluminous & sexy. I know I have always been obsessed with hair since I was a kid, wondering what techniques and products people used to make their hair look so fab. Well I'm about to share a few of my tricks with you to get nice full undone and messy waves.


 Step 1: Make sure your ends are straight

You may be confused on why you need straight ends for this look. If you have wavy hair like me and you don't straighten your ends & say you sweat... your hair will fro out (the curls will curl up). However, if you straighten your ends prior to curling I promise they will wave out nicely instead of curling up over time. This will give you a nice beachy look over the next few days. I like to also prep my hair with oil on the ends before getting started (linked below).


 Step 2: Put your hair half up, half down

Tie your hair up half up/half down. Start wrapping your hair around the wand, leaving the ends out not touching the heat. Wrap your hair flat around the wand directing the curls away from your face (see photo below). Be sure you leave the ends out like i'm doing here.

via Thea Messy Waves Hair Tutorial

Step 3: Take down another section of your hair

Continue curling away from your face leaving the ends out. Spray your hair when you're finished with this step with a flexible spray.

via Thea Messy Waves Hair Tutorial

Step 4: Take down the final section

Finish up the curls continuing to curl away from your face.

via Thea Messy Waves Hair Tutorial

Step 5: Spray finish

At this point, you can go in and re-curl any pieces you'd like. If you're loving what your working with, now is the time to spray with a flexible hold spray. I like to then run my fingers through all my curls to loosen them up & give them volume, then finish with my favorite dry texture spray.

via Thea Messy Waves Hair Tutorial